Watching Wolf

Wolf Netsuke
Wolf Netsuke
Wolf Netsuke
Wolf Netsuke
Wolf Netsuke



Type: Netsuke

Sold. Russia, private collection.

Materials: European moose (Alces alces) antler. Amber, mother-of-pearl and jet inlay.

Dimensions: 49×23×19 mm.

Weight: 13.6 g.


A real wolf must always be hungry. If we, like the wolf, feel ourselves a little "hungry" in our emotions, desires, and aspirations, we will be able to maintain the attentiveness and the freshness of perception of what is happening.

Moose's antler symbolizes the availability of food in the area. But a wolf should make an effort to get it.

Netsuke is carved from the antler of the European moose (Alces alces). A slightly porous structure of the antler with the thinnest carving well reproduces a wolf's coarse hair.

Fangs, the symbol of a wolf's strength, is inlaid with an African warthog tusk.

Mother-of-pearl eyes symbolize a clear vision. Pupils are inlaid with jet.

Natural Himotosi are shaped with a wolf's legs and a horn.

Signature on an amber mounting.