The Depth

The Depth
The Depth
The Depth
The Depth



Type: Netsuke

Sold. UK, private collection.

Materials: Pear wood. Stain. Amber inlay. Applied "ukibori" technique.

Dimensions: 54 mm.


How clear the water is,
When sediment has settled down!
All you have to do - just wait…
S. O.

There is a great diversity of life hidden in the ocean's depths. Here comes the flounder and he lays down on the bottom. Sediments disturbed by the fish slowly settle down. Water becomes crystal-clear. Flounder rests quietly without a movement and watches. Every movement in the surroundings is well observed by the fish...

This reminds me of a human life. If there is a need to clearly observe the situation, one needs to settle down on the "bottom", i.e., move aloof as much as possible. The understanding comes when the "sediment" of thoughts settles down and "water" of consciousness clears up. Two eyes of different size symbolize two aspects of perception: general - observation of the situation as a whole, and specific - clear view of the details. The tranquility and stillness always contains hidden potential for an action. Under the flounder I've noticed a hermit crab, a quite active being.

The flounder is made of pear wood. Front side is stained. Producing this piece I've used "ukibori" technique. The flounder's eyes are inlayed with amber. The shell of a hermit crab contains khimatoshi.