Shark and a Pearl

Shark and a pearl
Shark and a pearl
Shark and a pearl



Type: Netsuke

Sold. Ukraine, private collection.

Materials: Juniper. Amber and bone inlay.

Dimensions: 60 mm.


Curved fin of a shark
Turned into spray the wave
And the school of silver sardines...
S. O.

A human that wants to be strong, puts an enormous effort to it. He tries this, he tries that... What only wouldn't he do to become strong!

Shark is a strong fish. Very strong! But does it want to be strong? Does it seek this strength? Actually, question of strength does not interest shark! Possibly, somewhere here is hidden the secret of strength...?

The body of a shark is carved from juniper. Teeth are bone inlay. Inside shark's mouth I placed a purl, which is made from white-milky amber. This purl actually symbolizes the strength secret that the shark knows...

Eyes are inlayed with amber. Amber for eye inlay was selected in such a way that part of it is clear and the other part is opaque. This creates a very unusual effect (please see the photo).

Khimatoshi formed by the bend of a tail. Signature is at the bottom.