The Dormouse




Type: Netsuke

Property of the author.

Materials: Juniper. Bone, amber, ebonite and mother of perl inlay. Applied "The Flowing Brooks" technique.

Dimensions: 60×39×31 mm.


Dormouse actually is not a sleepyhead!
For dormouse we are sleepyheads!
Sleeping..., when dormouse is not!
S. O.

My wife, Helen and I once read about a fascinating mammal - the hazelnut dormouse. We liked the mammal description so much, that Helen came up with an idea to carve a dormouse netsuke figurine.

For carving I chose a knotty piece of Crimea juniper with beautiful natural stains and color transitions.

The eyes are inlaid with amber. A pitch drop coming out of a crack near the knot (to the left of dormouse) is made of amber.

Orchid flowers are carved of mother of pearl. I would like to draw your attention to the black dots on orchid bulbs. They are also inlayed - with stained oak.

Khimatoshi of a vertical type: bottom slot is near the snail, on bottom side of the figurine; top - above the orchids, to the right.

At the bottom - bone mounting with an engraved signature.