The Owl

The Owl
The Owl
The Owl
The Owl
The Owl



Type: Netsuke

Sold. Japan, private collection.

Materials: Juniper. Bone, amber, ebonite and mother of perl inlay. Applied "The Flowing Brooks" technique.

Dimensions: 57×37×43 mm.


Two orange eyes
Appeared in the dark tree hollow...
I have woken up the owl...
S. O.

There are many owls living in our region. I like to observe their hunting activities during the warm summer evenings. The flight of an owl is practically silent. When a huge owl flies above my head, not even producing a sound, I experience inexpressible sensations every time. Indeed, a mystical spectacle.

If you are lucky, during the day, one can find a sleeping owl. Once, under the tree with a resting owl in the crown, I found some beautiful owl's feathers.

This netsuke I carved from an old piece of Crimea juniper wood. I did not use any staining. All the transition in color is a result of the natural juniper coloration.

The owl's eyes are amber inlayed. The black contour around the eyes is ebonite inlay.

The beetle (6.0 mm) at the bottom of the netsuke is carved from ebonite. His wings are made from mother of perl.

On the opposite side of the netsuke is a bone mounting with an engraved signature.