Year of the Owl

Year of the Owl
Year of the Owl
Year of the Owl
Year of the Owl
Year of the Owl



Type: Netsuke

Sold. Japan, private collection.

Materials: Juniper. Honey horn, black buffalo horn and amber inlay.

Dimensions: 57×45×35 mm.


I am looking at a vanishing owl,
That a moment ago touched me with his wing,
And trying to remember whether or not it actually happened...?
S. O.

Time… We tore time into pieces - large and small. We gave these pieces names: seconds, minutes, hours... We routinely manipulate them in our consciousness. Time, however, lacks intermittence. To divide time is like trying to split a stream into segments. What will be the outcome of that?

Time, however, has its natural marks. These are not the segments of actual time but rather reference point events similar to the reference points on the stream banks. Thanks to them, we are able to determine our location in the space-time. It is unnecessary to divide a stream or time into equal segments. Every living being will find its own reference points that are meant only for them. With help from these reference events we will be able to determine our place in the flow of Infinity. With their help Eternity is speaking to us...

An owl stretched, his legs let go of a branch, and large soft wings started to glide on the surface of foggy evening air along the creek. In a few moments an owl will touch my cheek with a tip of its wing and the Year of an Owl will begin...

The owl's eyes are amber inlayed. The black contour around the eyes is black buffalo horn inlay. The beak carved from honey horn.

The signature is on the amber inset.