Watchful Owl

The watchful owl netsuke
The watchful owl netsuke
The watchful owl netsuke
The watchful owl netsuke
The watchful owl netsuke



Type: Netsuke

Sold. UK, private collection.

Materials: Juniper. Honey horn, tagua nut, mother-of-pearl and amber inlay.

Dimensions: 51×50×43 mm.


Having heard a mouse
Eating a mushroom
The owl is now on guard...
S. O.

Owls hunt mice, mice eat mushrooms, mushrooms destroy trees, and trees can absorb the remnants of a dead owl... A spider had stretched its web and any careless creature will be captured and eaten alive!

This world has a complex and marvelous structure! If there is energy than there is bound to be someone feeding on this energy. It's enough to look carefully around to see that the whole world is nothing but an infinite and complex food chain. Energy flows from one creature to another, changes and transforms an infinite number of times while remaining the same energy.

The netsuke is carved from the Crimean juniper using my proprietary "The Flowing Brooks" technique. The owl's eyes are inlaid with amber. The beak is of honey horn. Mushrooms on the tree stump are from tagua nut.

The spider web is engraved on a thin piece of amber. The spider itself is carved from an African warthog tusk. Its belly and eyes are inlaid with mother-of-pearl.

The signature reserved is engraved on a sliver of amber attached on the back of the netsuke.

The matching ojime "Mouse on a mushroom" is carved from tagua nut. The eyes are inlaid with jet stone.