The Forest

Foresr Netsuke
Foresr Netsuke
Foresr Netsuke



Type: Netsuke

Sold. USA, private collection.

Materials: Stag antler. Amber and black buffalo horn inlay.

Dimensions: 37×25×25 mm.


This netsuke is in certain ways a trial carving. I just wanted to try a different kind of carving, of this type.

First I took a small piece of deer antler. Its porous core had been removed thus forming a hollow tube. Because this was a trial carving, there were no initial sketches or design ideas as to how this should look in the end. I just carved some details on a small area of surface, then something else right next to it, and so on and so forth.

When the whole surface area had been carved, I didn't like the central vertical tunnel so I plugged the openings with two antler pieces and carved them as well.

Although it can't be seen very well on the photos, the carving is in deep relief, even all the way through (anabori) in some places.

The forest mouse's eyes are inlaid with black buffalo horn.

The signature is on the bottom, in an amber reserve.