A Vision of Daruma

Daruma Netsuke
Daruma Netsuke
Daruma Netsuke
Daruma Netsuke
Daruma Netsuke



Type: Netsuke

Sold. Russia, private collection.

Materials: Ebony. Mammoth tusk, amber, red coral, black buffalo horn, blood wood, coco shell, rapana shell, mother-of-pearl and jet inlay.

Dimensions: 38×38×16 mm.

Weight: 17.7 g.


A young carp woke up the mirror surface of the lake by its motion. Reflected -in- water Moon shuddered unwillingly. A night butterfly, once glittered by its wings in the moonlight, attracted Daruma's eye.

Apart from the butterfly, bright stars and the Moon, Daruma could clearly see the Black Shadow, floating in the darkness silently. Daruma knew how this story should end. And do you know it?

We often draw plain conclusions from obvious events and facts. And we often make mistakes. In reality one should be Daruma to know how the story ends.

The netsuke is carved in ebony. Daruma is made from two parts: his face and his chest are made from the mammoth tusk, and his clothes are made from the blood wood.

The butterfly contains 23 details carved separately, and then inlaid in the netsuke. The front wings are carved from the black oyster's shell (Pinctada margaritifera), with the insertions of the black African buffalo horn. The butterfly's chest and head are made from jet. The butterfly's other wings and body are carved from the Black Sea rapana shell with the insertions of the cocoa nutshell.

The Moon and the stars are inlaid by the black oyster's shell. The carp is made from the mammoth tusk and stained. The carp's eye is inlaid from the rapana shell and the eye's pupil made from jet.

The bat's eye is inlaid from jet. And the berries are made from the natural red coral.

Himatoshi as a separate element is carved from the black African black buffalo horn, with the signature on the amber mounting.