The Fish

Fish Netsuke
Fish Netsuke
Fish Netsuke



Type: Netsuke

Sold. Russia, private collection.

Materials: Warthog tusk. Amber, mother-of-pearl inlay.

Dimensions: 58×33×12 mm.

Weight: ? g.


This netsuke is made of the hollow part of warthog tusk, stained by yashadama. Two reasons forced me to make a flat netsuke. On one hand, I thought that the flat form would be convenient for carrying. On the other hand, it was interesting for me to make a flat netsuke in such way that it looked roundish and "full". Moreover, this work is partly made in Flowing Brooks technique, because i had to fit the fish into the bent form of the material.

Himatoshi are formed by fish's mouth and one gill. The eyes are encrusted with mother-of-pearl and Baltic amber.

The finest knobs, that create the texture on the fish's belly,  are comparable with the size of the lines on our finger-tips. Each knob is a separately made carving.