The Mystery Spot

Mystery Spot

What is this "Mystery spot" you ask?

In life, among all the things and objects well known and ordinary to us, there may be something that can't be understood or explained, something that we can't comprehend with our minds. Still this "something" exists and blends harmoniously into the canvas of life irrespective of our perception. More often than not we simply don't notice these "Mystery" things and events. We can try to give them logical explanations based on our own experience while ignoring those aspects that don't mesh well with our standard perception of the world.

I think, however, that these "spots" are very important! They can lead us beyond the borders of well-known and commonplace matters. Only when we try to comprehend the incomprehensible we have a chance to learn something new, a chance to really change! Otherwise we are simply hanging about in one place. One can't reach a new place walking along some old, well-known pass. New places can only be reached by new, previously unexplored roads.

The "Mystery spot" on this netsuke is a symbol of those unknown and incomprehensible things in our life that we need to pay more attention to. I intend to place such "Mystery spots" on my future works as well. These will be various details blending harmoniously with the netsuke but their intent may not always be clear to our minds.